Isle Vitamin E Oil

Isle Vitamin E Oil

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Discover the most incredible skin-supportive properties of vitamin E in this easy-to-use skin oil! This unique oil helps to revitalize, strengthen and renew dry, dull skin. Our certified organic vitamin e oil is lightweight and versatile to use on hair, skin, body, face, eyelashes, locs, arms, legs and more!

Free of parabens, chemicals, alcohol, sulfates, additives, etc.

Infused with rose quartz crystals, you're bound to feel the love in this bottle. Rose quartz is known as the stone of self-love, so its no surprise that its associated with beauty and confidence. Rose quartz helps boost circulation, which leads to more oxygen in your skin for a healthier look. Rose quartz also helps ease negativity, stress, and low self-esteem, all perfect for helping you shine inside and out!

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